Chiropractic Testimonials

"As a head charge nurse, I thought I had tried everything for my headaches. I came to Thrive Wellness Center and found out what was actually causing my headaches. I'm happy to say I've been headache and migraine free for 2 years."

- Lisa M.

"This is one of the only safe and honest places to go in Rochester MN. I couldn't imagine anyone else helping me improve my health."

- Judy R.

"After 70 years, you just assume that losing your health and being in pain is a reality. After coming to Thrive Wellness Center, I've lost over 40 pounds, gotten off of 9 different medications, completely off of the oxygen tank I was dependent on to breathe and now pain free. Age is only a number!"

- Harriet S.

"My wife and I have had trouble getting pregnant after she received the diagnosis of PCOS. We've tried everything we could imagine and nothing worked. A friend suggested Thrive Wellness Center and I'm glad they did. My wife is now 10 weeks pregnant."

- Ty H.

"After 40 years of searching for answers to my back pain, I've finally found something that works. Dr. Pratt at Thrive Wellness Center gave me a plan of action that actually worked. Not to mention, I've lost over 40 pounds. I wish I would have done this 40 years ago!"

- Ronald S.

"Dr. Pratt and his team are not just health professionals, they have also become family. This place truly cares and listens to you."

- Linda C.

"The medical weight loss program works. No more starving yourself, counting calories or eating pre-packaged and frozen foods. At 77 years old, I lost over 77 pounds in under 9 months. If I can do it, so can you!"

- Edna T.

"We trust the health of our entire family to Thrive Wellness Center. They are 100% committed to helping you reach your health goals."

- Brian H.

"My daughter was having severe digestive pain. We were seeing other doctor's without any success. A friend suggested we try Thrive Wellness Center. After 2 weeks of treatments, my daughter was 100% pain free."

- Jeanane W.

"We've seen many doctors and professionals for our son and his seizures. We were very hesitant at first on how Thrive Wellness Center could help, but we are now so thankful for the care we've received at Thrive Wellness Center. We have seen an amazing change in our son and his frequency of seizures. Dr. Pratt and his team are truly family!"

- Sue K.

"I use to have back pain and have lost 20 pounds - that's enough proof!"

- Jerry S.

"I feel better at 64 then I did at 44!"

- Johnny A.

"Living with daily migraines is something I wouldn't wish on anyone. I've been to multiple chiropractors with very little success. It's been less than a month of treatments and I haven't had a migraine since starting care. This place is amazing!"

- Taylor H.

"No more headaches and it's wonderful!"

- Regena A.

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